Bloo Fooz is a studio band who began to experiment in recording the original material of Dez Maree in 2013.

Jeremy Mann (Drums), Solomon Orion (Keyboards), Ray Gentry (Guitar), Andrew Leslie (Bass – Backing Vocals), and Dez Maree (Lead Guitar – Lead Vocals).

Each of the players is veteran musicians with a wealth of experience in the studio recording and performing live with other bands and artists.

Bloo Fooz and the album Cosmic Whirlwind are the creation of singer-songwriter, musician, and producer Dez Maree. The creator of this material studied English Literature at Indiana University and draws heavily upon his literature discoveries during his years of study.

While all the material is original, musically the works on Cosmic Whirlwind reach out to suggest alternative expressions to vintage Rock music. Lyrically, the content is structured with fresh storylines and subject matter, but sometimes passages are often flavored with hints of past literary notables such as Blake, Poe, or Thomas. However, with Dez Maree’s pen, the results may combine William Blake with Alfred Hitchcock or Herman Melville with Rod Sterling. Recording of this album took place in a non-traditional recording set up in what was once an abandoned church located in central Indiana.

SOURCE: Official Bio