I’m an artist 1st…fan 2nd. I am being constructive, argumentative, displaying of talent that keeps me sane, and a gift from the CREATOR OF ALL LIVING THINGS that I must keep polished! Raw4Lyfe I was written when I was a teen. It sounds nothing like my 1st thoughts of it. Most songs on the album are old. I have a few that were merely verses meshed together with a hook and a little rewrite. Ride Out was recorded in Tampa. I was invited down by cousin and a friend of hers. I spent 5 days in the bay, (TAMPA) we hit the studio and Ride Out is one of the joints that we rec. ITS POVERTY, ITS WINNING AND LOSEN. IT WAS WRITTEN, ITS MY TIME AND YOUR TIME WELL SPENT. SOUTHERN CLASSIC SH*T!

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