In true cinematic fashion, U.K. based Flesh Eating Foundation deliver a synth-based masterpiece in the form of ‘Futurelast’, featuring spoken word artist Adam Probert delivering the truth through the mic and dropping a sonic revolution with Flesh Eating Foundation to your mind via the speakers.

The video gives a dystopian outlook through captivating visuals underscored by the almost trance-like nature of the track. This is poetry in motion.

Flesh Eating Foundation’s new album titled ‘We Are Fucked’, is out now via Sonic Entrails Records.

'We Are Fucked' cover.
‘We Are Fucked’ cover.

About Flesh Eating Foundation
Flesh Eating Foundation is comprised of John E. Smoke (songs, noises, and shouting, deafness and blindness), The Juddaman (writing, voices, and noises) and Jules (axes and shouts), with Mash and Big Un joining on guitars when the mood is right. Co-founder John E Smoke is known as one of the few deaf/blind musicians working on the scene and can often be seen with his lovable noise-loving guide dog JJ.

The new video for ‘Futurelast’ features imagery from the band members’ hometown of Stafford, England, focusing on sites and buildings that, of course, aren’t lasting. They are falling into disrepair, neglect, and dereliction, including a former job center, a former Carnegie library, a former cinema and many former shops. “The video also ties in with some work I do with charities and groups trying to save old buildings and improve the culture in my hometown,” explains John E Smoke.

Flesh Eating Foundation has been described as electro punk, experimental electronic punk, alternative electronic. A key element of their sound is their use of homemade and circuit bend instruments. The electro crowd isn’t sure how to dance to their music and the headbangers don’t think they are metal enough. The punks quite like them though. It has been said that they make too many weird noises and they look a bit strange.

Their music has been influenced by Killing Joke, Alien Sex Fiend, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Pigface, The Fall, Swans, Godflesh, Throbbing Gristle, Prodigy, Public Image Limited, Babyland, Skinny Puppy, Butthole Surfers, Ministry, Depeche Mode, and Atari Teenage Riot.

On the side they have remixed and collaborated with many like-minded artists who share their passion for experimental noise and horror. They have recently provided the score for the killer clown film ‘Crispy’s Curse’ while John E Smoke is a filmmaker in his own right. They’ve created official remixes for Curve, Angelspit, Junksista, Global Citizen, Tunnelmental, Jordan Reyne, Tony Byker, Afterchain, Kenji Siratori, Kunt and the Gang, Emen, Zeitgeist Zero, Alien:Nation, and Mr. Strange. You’ll also them on various compilations and Tribute albums for Coil and Ministry, amongst others.

‘We Are Fucked’ represents exactly where the band are at the moment. Two decades into a career and we see no reason to be any less angry, any less outraged at what is happening in the world,” says John E. Smoke. “We happen to have built lots of new synths and noise devices to help us express our feelings.”

All songs were written, recorded, produced and mastered by Flesh Eating Foundation in their own studio. Adam Probert supplies additional vocals on ‘Futurelast’. The digital release includes additional remixes by Inertia, Mr. Strange, Paresis, Alien:Nation and XSRY.

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These fleshy tunes can be found digitally across online stores and streaming platforms, and the band also has shiny discs and black grooved wax available. ‘We Are Fucked’ is available on limited heavyweight vinyl – all formats can be ordered via Bandcamp. There, the band is also offering their recently released 3-track EP ‘Fallen (A Tribute to Mark E Smith and The Fall)’ on a name your price basis.

“A loose alliance of musicians and creatives based in the Stafford area of the UK… the duo plus more has an at times a bewildering array of music, film and artistic projects to their name… political anti-pop”
– Electronic North

“Quickly gets down and dirty hitting the listener at point-blank range with all the fiery angst that can be mustered up. Honestly, if this doesn’t get everyone’s attention then nothing will!”
– Torched Magazine

“The sound is bigger, the crushing distortion is more encompassing, and the urgency of things just being fucked are more present than ever before… this is bloody good stuff”
– Raggedy’s World of Music

“Some fucki*g massive beats at a blistering volume. FEF is the definition of great UK Industrial and everyone should take note… this is how it’s bloody-well done. The band show a ton of energy”
– Soundsphere Magazine

“Excellent synth work, driving industrial electronics and a strong vocal melody shows the band working in perfect unity… a well-rounded electro-industrial sound”
– Heathen Harvest

“Probably one of the most under-appreciated acts in the UK scene. The band’s trademark of psychotic beats and schizophrenic vocals have afforded them a fierce reputation”
– Terrorizer