1. Tired Eyes Bruise Pristine 3:21

Hailing from Inner Western Sydney, Bruise Pristine deliver moody grunge rock stories of mental illness, disaffection, and political apathy. Founded by vocalist and guitarist Kate Olivia in 2016, the band delivers 90s alternative rock-inspired stompers addressing empowerment, diversity, political cynicism and queerness.

Bruise Pristine has been making an impact on the Sydney live music scene delivering intense live performances and sharing the stage with FLOSSY, Baker’s Eddy, The Buoys, Cry Club, Horror My Friend, Harry Howard, and The NDE and most recently supporting UK’s Crywank on their farewell tour.

They released their debut EP Not Like You in 2017, and the first single 20mg received rotation on community radio stations including 2Ser, Triple R and 4ZZZ, and was selected by FBi Radio’s director Amelia Jenner for the station’s new music playlist. 20mg and the EP title track Not Like You also received rotation on Triple J Unearthed and overseas on California’s DKFM Internet shoegaze radio.

Out of the atmosphere of political malaise and apathy, movements like #MeToo, the threat of the far-right, and political instability came 2018’s single The Way It Is. An admission of despair and anger, it is a commentary and a critique of power structures, gender rigidity, and queerness. Following up on the power of The Way It Is comes the new single Tired Eyes, a song about the dissonance that comes with having lots of ideas and ambitions but too little time or energy to see them through.

SOURCE: Official Bio