1. Lan y Môr Adwaith 2:54

Adwaith drop their new single titled ‘Lan Y Môr’. Featuring a catchy kitschy style ala the best dirty rockers from the late 80s and early 90s, Adwaith top that off with such an original flare that this song becomes a treat to listen to. With varied time signatures and a bravado that captures the energy and ‘jam-session’ quality of the band, ‘Lan Y Môr’ is the perfect introductory track for future fans of this band.

About ‘Lan Y Môr’

CAN, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Ventures, and The Breeders are all here in ‘Lan Y Môr’, but ultimately what you hear in Adwaith’s new single is the fearless songwriting of Hollie, Heledd, and Gwenllian, following their creative instincts.

‘Lan y Môr’ is another musical highlight in a growing catalog of emphatically individual and emotionally rich songs from the 2019 Welsh Music Prize winners. The single is built from the surf guitar and bass interlocking riffs of Hollie and Gwenllian that dance over Heledd’s driving motorik beats.

Hollie Singer, the band’s guitarist, and vocalist explain how they adopted the traditional Welsh folk song ‘Ar Lan y Môr’ to be theirs.

‘The original inspiration for this song was the surf rock riff I came up with. We chose to use the lyrics to ‘Ar Lan y Môr’ as they fit well with the vibe of the track. I’ve wanted to have a cover in the set for a little while now and this was so much fun to make completely our own’