1. Touched Candystore

Candystore is an eclectic and diverse group of rock musicians from Minneapolis, MN, USA. Each member is an established song writer and multi-instrumentalist in thier own right. The end result is genre-bending rock that fuses and contrasts musical styles, reaching beyond base influences to incorporate various modalities and instrumentation.

Described as Everclear meets the Pixies with a dash of Foo Fighters thrown in, Candystore is not afraid to draw upon influences from across the decades to create a fresh and modern sound. Candystore is: Kent Weis (Lead Vocals), Matt Platt ( Lead/Rythm Guitar, Piano, Keys/Synth), Londo Masterman (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals), Shannon Souza (Drums, Percussion) and Joseph Souza (Engineering/Mixing, Backing Vocals).

SOURCE: Official Bio