1. Existor Sunlust 0:30
  2. Pearl Brain Sunlust 0:30
  3. Action Figure Sunlust 0:30
  4. Orange Sunlust 0:30
  5. Year of the Rat Sunlust 0:30
  6. Whippets Sunlust 0:30
  7. Big Clothes Sunlust 0:30
  8. Magnum Opus Sunlust 0:30
  9. Goodbye Sunlust 0:30
  10. Sad Sap Sunlust 0:30

Sunlust are set to drop their new album titled ‘Geek Confessions’ on April 12th. The album is a solid set of hooks harking back to when alternative was still alternative, and not he mainstream. Quirky at times and gritty throughout, Sunlust leave the garage door open and lets the neighborhood soak up the goodness ringing out of the garage.

The album is set for release on April 12th alongside a special edition pressing of 180g Vinyl. The band is looking forward to getting back out to play live, moshing with friends, and tearing up the stage!

About Sunlust

Sunlust was birthed in early 2018 in Toronto, Canada by Stephanie Woulfe (guitar and vocals), Dan Wiktor (drums) and Stefano Signorile (bass). Stephanie moved to Toronto from her small hometown in rural Ontario in 2017 looking to pursue music and find like-minded band mates to play her songs. In a short couple of months, a Kijiji classified ad lead to drummer Dan who was excited to join a thriving Toronto rock scene. After meeting and jamming, Dan recruited friend Stefano Signorile to play bass and the trio formed Sunlust.

Drawing from a variety of influences, including grunge, garage, punk, classic rock, and alternative, the trio began their musical journey playing live shows extensively throughout the city. Sunlust has had the pleasure of playing live with notable bands Ready the Prince, Zig Mentality, Frankie the Pig, Joe Cool, and Barry Lyndon to name a few.

With dozens of shows behind them, Sunlust began recording what was planned to be their 5-track debut EP in December 2019 with the help of engineer, mixer, and producer Lorne Hounsell. Lorne is best known for his work with Fucked Up, Cuff the Duke, Bedouin Soundclash, amongst other notable Canadian artists. As the EP progressed and the 2020 pandemic slowed down the live music scene, the band began recording an additional 5 songs with Dan’s brother and the band’s good friend Jack Wiktor at Cadence House in Toronto.

In early 2021, all 10 tracks were completed and compiled to make the LP ‘Geek Confessions’, with Side A being the songs done with Lorne Hounsell and side B being the 2nd session with Jack Wiktor.