88456-Miss_Molly_vidCéline Schmink is a french singer-songwriter, autoharpist. Her music is associated with folk scene centered in Paris. She gradually achieved recognition through performances with her first album “La ballade d’Anissa” (songs about parisian cabarets).

She has continued to find more success working with californian studio Studio PROS. “Paris-Memphis” LP shows how individual Celine is, very regardless of her influences: bluesy compositions,pop-folk ballads, nostalgic and haunting, bass and emotional unique voiceprint. When listening to Paris-Memphis, you are struck by the craving for a solitary journey along the legendary Route 66 ! Céline Schmink also performs alone with her autoharp, creating experimental folk with minimalist sound, simple lyrics (in english) or very dark and poetic lyrics (when in french).

SOURCE: Official Bio