“After two plus years of writing, recording, mixing, and mastering, I’ve completed my first album as CGI dog. Replacer contains a bit of everything I’ve been working on the past three years. Ten songs total, three of them are instrumental. There’s a handful of genre descriptors that would work for individual songs but not necessarily for the whole album; noise-pop, electronic rock, breakbeat, drum & bass, instrumental hip-hop, all of these work when I’m looking through the tracklist. But if there’s a way I’d describe the album as a whole I’d just say it’s colorful. I pushed myself and painted with more color here than I have with any previous album releases. I pushed myself to prioritize and build around melody throughout, whether that be in performance, sampling, or mixing, and I hope you enjoy.

The album title is inspired by the Beaster EP released by the band Sugar, Bob Mould’s band post Hüsker Dü. Sonically the album does not sound like Beaster at all, but the idea of a “Replacer” has been a running theme throughout my life since I stopped drinking alcohol three years ago. Reading about Bob’s own journey with substances in his autobiography See A Little Light was definitely a point of inspiration, especially considering that he stopped drinking at the same age I did – I found a bridge there. This album, to me, is about replacing the aspects of life that do not work for you with activities, interests, or routines that lead to growth. Bob’s book and several other artists’ work have inspired and shape my approach to this throughout the past couple years.

SOURCE: Official Bio