1. Memories Charlie Syntari 3:20

Charlie started playing the piano at the age of 7 and this instrument has been his weapon of choice ever since.

During the 1990’s, a friend introduced him to the software Fast Tracker II that kickstarted his journey of electronic composition and music production.

Having never released any of his work previously, a shift in his perspective in recent years had him set out to professionally compose and produce music across different genres with the intention to release the music to the public.

“It has taken me the better part of 6 years, with countless hours spent on learning the art of music production to get to the place where I finally decided to release music. There was a definitive moment when all the pieces came together. It was quite interesting to experience the process once the decision was made and action was taken.”

Within three weeks of the release of ‘Memories’, his debut single has been receiving international radio play, has entered the South African Top 40 chart, been included in the Apple Playlist “New Pop” sharing space with the likes of Coldplay and Justin Bieber. Apart from that, the single is being played in 66 countries around the world with the US leading the charge.

“I have a deep love and respect for music and even more so when talented musicians produce it. Especially instrumental music because there is a healing property that is often overlooked. One can take from it what you want or need, without being influenced by a lyric. Having said that, a powerful lyric has the ability to elevate any musical piece, and therefore I will produce both.” Charlie is the Nato Call sign for the first letter of his birth name (C). Syntari is made up of two words: Synthesizer being present in all of his productions and Atari, one of the first gaming consoles released in his early childhood days of the 1980’s.

“The passion for music, composing and producing has been with me since I can remember.”

Charlie Syntari – Cape Town, South Africa.

SOURCE: Official Bio