1. Postscript in Blue Lola in Slacks 0:30
  2. Ocean Atlas Lola in Slacks 0:30
  3. Bisous du Mistral Lola in Slacks 0:30
  4. Luna Moth Lola in Slacks 0:30
  5. Souvenir de toi Lola in Slacks 0:30
  6. Trocchis Canal Lola in Slacks 0:30
  7. Glasshouse Lola in Slacks 0:30
  8. Tramlines Lola in Slacks 0:30
  9. Strawberry Locks Lola in Slacks 0:30

Lola in Slacks has released their new album titled ‘Moon Moth’. Recorded together as a set of distinct soundscapes, ‘Moon Moth’ gives the impression of a journey through musical ideas and dreams that cascade through your mind. Sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes les subdued. But throughout, we get a sense of sonic worldbuilding. As if flying through atmospheres of different colors. Like a moth to the flame, it draws you in. To the moon.

About Lola in Slacks

Fronted by petite chanteuse Louise Reid, Lola in Slacks exude the garage swagger of The Velvet Underground spiked with the bold confidence and freedom of Tim Buckley. Having developed her distinctive vocal and performance style playing on the streets and café bars of Paris as a teenager, Reid brings a Piaf-like authority to the group’s noir atmospherics. Reid’s affaire de coeur with Scotland’s ancient ally runs through the band’s songs.

Their indelible songs are written by Reid and guitarist Brian McFie and brought to life with the help of a stellar line-up featuring Lesley McLaren (drums), Davy Irvin (bass) and Fiona Shannon (keys).