Having an undeniable love for music from a young age, songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Chase Tremaine began his musical journey in his childhood by writing his own versions of songs he heard on the radio or at church. By the time he reached 4th grade, he was writing original songs on his own, and a few years later, as his influences changed, Tremaine started writing songs inspired by a newfound love for modern rock.

As time went on, the artist took drum and piano lessons, but it wasn’t until he picked up a guitar that he had found his calling. Progressing quickly at the instrument was impressive even to his older brother, Taylor, who had spent years touring with nationally signed acts. Upon returning home from tour, Taylor put his own band together, and Chase would shadow him as the band’s guitarist.

Mentoring Chase as a guitarist, drummer, singer, and songwriter, Taylor had the support of his younger brother through various projects. In 2016, the two of them relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, where they now take part in performing and co-writing with acts around town. With an arsenal of original songs, Chase began working on his debut record Unfall, his first effort as a solo artist, in 2019.

SOURCE: Official Bio