Tarah Who? officially drop their new video titled ‘Pantomath’. One thing I absolutely love about Tarah Who? is the fact that they clearly evolve from one release to the next. Not just with music but stylistically and visually as well. ‘Pantomath’, as a video, has an almost Tarantino approach to it. But, more-so than that, there is this symbiosis between the song and the video that captures that essence that is not only Tarah Who? but independent music itself, or at least where #indie music should be. And that is a beautiful place to be.

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About Tarah Who? & ‘Pantomath’

Tarah Who?, the in-your-face, high energy L.A. duo, are back with a killer new video May 29, 2020, for their explosive and rousing song “Pantomath”.

Tarah Who? is Tarah G. Carpenter (vocals/guitar) and Corale Hervé (drums/backing vocals). These ladies are not afraid to stand up and say what they mean, especially to those who think they have all of the answers.

Carpenter says, “Pantomath” is a Punk Rock song. I wrote this song after a conversation I was having with another musician who had the constant speech of a “know it all”. He was criticizing every musician and their decisions and I was telling him in short that, “thankfully we do not all want the same kind of success.” She continued, “then later in the conversation, now talking about success, I was telling him, ” there is no one formula to success, otherwise it would be known and there would be no point in having a story and standing out.”

“Pantomath” was shot in the high desert of the Antelope Valley, CA. and produced by Nupur Mehrotra (@nupsmehra) and Apoorv Arora (@apoorvarora_10). It was directed by Ellinor Skeppström (@ellinorskeppstrom).