Chronic Twilight is the sole musical vision of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Michael Louis, a Wave Records, and Nowhere Now Records recording artist. The Darkwave recording project is Louis’ all-encompassing embrace of Goth, Punk, and Glam Rock influences.

It wasn’t long after the release of Chronic Twilight’s debut album, Hymns for Heliophobes, in late 2017, before the Gothic underground started to take notice. The unique blend of layered instrumentation, percussive passes, and menacing vocal melodies, inspired independent record labels and Gothic DJ’s to yield to Chronic Twilight’s distinctive approach.

In May of 2018, a debut video was released of the single, Misfortune of Me; a profound dive into the psyche of Louis’ “career” loneliness, swathed in a pulsating rhythm, and flashy riffing. Additionally, the EP, Vulnerable, which contains the single, was released by Nowhere Now Records on May 25, 2018. This all came on the heels of a re-release of Chronic Twilight’s debut album, by Wave Records.

An Essential Catharsis, Chronic Twilight’s 2nd full-length album, and 3rd release were unleashed onto the world by Wave Records on January 1, 2019. The first single, Mark of Cain, was followed up with a lyric video. The album also saw the addition of guest vocalist, Sam Sharp, who performed lead vocals on The Anatomy of Poison.

Proving that DIY will never go out of style, Michael Louis remains the sole songwriter for the project, and records everything at his home, just outside of Nashville, TN USA. Chronic Twilight’s online presence continues to amble its way into the dark hearts of a unique fandom, who are eager for something a little bit off-center from the standard Gothic Rock fare.

SOURCE: Official Bio