1. An Interview with Minx Jammerzine Exclusive 26:53

When I think of Minx, as an artist, I think of everything the music industry, and possibly the world needs at this exact moment. Minx is that hopeful new breed of artist who says what she means and does what she says. A true pioneer of the First Amendment and Article 10, depending on where you live, as well as someone who never shies away from what needs to be said. Just take her last single as of this writing titled ‘Love You, I‘ as well as her upcoming ode to the ‘dirtbag’ (I’ll leave that one for the interview).

Today we talk with Minx about her beginnings in music as well as her views and what she has coming up. Take this as a lesson in making it on your own terms.

About Minx
Minx is a female MC from the UK who’s been working back and forth between her native London and NYC, real name Madeline Dunbar, she’s an extremely talented rapper, singer and songwriter.

Having performed all around the world alongside some great artists including Billy Slaughter and the Stonelove Sound System (Ochio Rios, Jamaica) Ninja Man and Turbulance (St Mary’s, Jamaica), Aceyalone and MC Supernatural (Las Vegas) and performing on the CUNY university float for NYC pride.

She released her first project ‘Bars and B.L.T’s’ in 2016. This Mixtape was written and recorded in Yonkers, NYC. The title aptly chosen with regards to the number of big sandwiches she was eating whilst writing lyrics in old 50’s Diners, it comprised of classic 80’s and 90’s instrumentals that she made her own.

Since then she has been releasing singles with features from Mr. MFN and Genovese and has been working hard on lots of new material. Some of the work that includes features from an incredible talent like Innocent?, Oowop the Don, Shabaam Shadiq, Nutso, MC White Owl and Tragedy Khadafi.

As a live performer, she is exceptional. She will seduce you with sultry hooks then attack with big bars, all the while with her tongue firmly in cheek, taking you on a journey through Hip-Hop, humor, and heart.

This is Minx’s latest release ‘Love You, I’ and it’s her take on the ups and downs of a modern relationship, think Lily Allen and Monie Love having a party with Lauryn Hill and you’re halfway there. This is the sound of a young woman with a lot to say and it’s her time to say it.