Coraggio Group emerged during OUIA session, when Hieronymus Bosch, Bruno Schulz, and Guy Debord were called up. The ghosts, traveling through their funny eternal exile, decided that one more person should be invited too. It was a human woman.

Black was the heaven of that night, and red were the eyes of the hungry ghosts. Black was the milk they drunk. Black was the wind of monstrous incantation.

During this meeting, Gabriela was born from the body of the bat. She formed a band that no one will know about, because of visions and hallucinations she experienced during that OUIA night. Bosch passed her “The Garden of Earthly Delights” invariants, which were auditory. Schulz sent her computer program from heaven, where he ate acids every day. Guy Debord brought the clarity of apocalyptic anticapitalist ideas. And the consciousness that black is the color of those who wear mourning after the life they once lived. Guy told the girl to name the band Coraggio Group so that no one can remember its name. He said that popularity is for mediocre people.

Coraggio Group was formed. Bentley Records arrived on the black pig in The Sea of Blood to help us!

SOURCE: Official Bio