JohnlikeJohn defies the stereotypes and uses their music as a way to speak to people who may suffer from anxiety and depression so they know that they aren’t alone. In an interview with the band they state- “Depression and anxiety are themes that run consistently through my music and are a very important topic to me. One hope for the EP is that it can reach people who also feel the same, and maybe bring some comfort. Songs like “I am scared too” and “The Nihilism Cheer” is a reaction to depression and anxiety, anthems of assurance to the desperately lonely.”

JohnlikeJohn takes the DIY naïve punk ethic of Daniel Johnson (right down to the simple imagery of the cover art); the cultured folk stylings of Joanna Newsom; the skewed yet incisive poetry of Ivor Cutler and John Cooper Clarke and the grandmaster storytelling of Robert Wyatt and Tom Waits yet retains a particularly contemporary sound which offers great hope for the British folk music scene. Like the rise of Americana in the United States, this is a celebration of the typically wry view of the world that songwriters have been famous for in Britain for decades, laughing in the face of authority and championing the underdog, and repositions folk as a vital form of storytelling.