Hailing from Miami, Florida, Crosstown Chameleons channel their unique passion for classic rock and roll music, as well as great 90s vibes and many other influences.

One of the most intriguing things about the band’s creative approach is actually the fact that this group consists of 4 songwriters. Typically, a band would have one or two main songwriters, with the other members chipping in with their take on a song or contributing to a couple of parts. In this particular case, however, the songwriting partnership is really open, and each member has got ample room to explore creativity and bring something new and fresh to the band. Having 4 songwriters means more “brainpower” to the creative collective of the band as an entity, and more importantly, it allows a huge variety of amazing influences to creep in.

Recently, the band released a brand new studio album titled “Plato’s Stepchildren.” This release actually features 12 songs, including a live recording of the song “Mirage”, serving as an epic curtain closer for this release, and showing off the amazing chemistry that these guys share when up on a stage! The opening track of this album is equally as powerful: “Summer” has a warm and edgy vibe, and it really highlights the band’s ability to ooze energy, while retaining a back-to-basics feel. All the best rock music has a “less is more” attitude for me, with no unnecessary frills, just the substance you need. This is definitely what makes this album special. Songs such as “Leather”, “Back To Life” or “Burning Up” are just amazing examples of how this record is fueled by passionate, great songwriting that ticks all the right boxes. This release is not trying to impress the audience with useless gimmicks, but rather share energy and tell stories in a very authentic, almost cathartic way at times. This is definitely a must for all fans of great bona fide rock music, and lovers of classic bands like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix or Pink Floyd.

Their latest release, “Whom Gods Destroy” is dropping May 10, 2019, and includes “Bleed,” “Heaven” and three other new tracks including one live recording.

Crosstown Chameleons continue to work with renowned Miami artist, Xavier Cortada for cover art and inspiration.

SOURCE: Official Bio