1. Be A Woman DeLaurentis

It’s the story of a French little girl who would watch her dad playing music, and quickly understood that musical notes could spring up and fly away from her arms, her hands, her fingers. The music was a part of her. With this revelation, the sky opened up to her.

After several years spent at the Conservatory, she went back to her hometown, where alone, she learned from her new strange friends : keyboards, machines, and computers. She worked. A lot. With strength and temper, pleasure and ease. This young woman progressively became DeLaurentis.

DeLaurentis settled in the French capital, Paris, in 2015, and released her first two EPs. She started to get noticed then, with her unique universe and music videos. Major French publications such as Trax, Rock & Folk and Les Inrockuptibles started talking about her music, and soon after, some of her songs were featured in national commercials, and her single “A Big Part of A Big Sun”, in the TV series “How to Get away with murder”.

Contemporary and vintage synthesizers mixed with the piano, loops and arpeggios creating sound walls around her melodies.

DeLaurentis builds a wall around her melodies where old and modern synthesizers, pianos, loops and arpeggios mix together. Her universe is described as « electro-cinematic » music, bright and dark at the same time.

New album to be released in September 2021 : Unica

The production of her first album began in the summer of 2018. She spent two years in a spacious and luminous studio on the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, continuously intensifying her relationship with her instruments and technology. This is how DeLaurentis created her digital sister : Unica.

The 2 singles released earlier this year, off the album, “Life” and “Pegasus”, were praised by the media all over Europe : Rolling Stone magazine and major radio stations such as Radio France and RFI featured the songs, and EDF used “Life” in their television commercials nationwide.

SOURCE: Official Bio