“When people say ‘I only like one kind of music’, I think that’s a load of horse manure,” says Miyuki Furtado, singer, and songwriter of New York based-band Divining Rod. “You’re always able to grow; if you don’t grow, that’s sad. You become stagnated. I don’t want to do that.”

Furtado grew up in Hawaii, where country, reggae, and hip-hop were hugely popular at the time, shaping his tastes and defining his style in the early aughts of his life. Now, he has become a musical omnivore, growing constantly in his palate and searching for new inspirations in unusual places, refusing to stagnate.

Titled Return to Crystal Cove, Divining Rod’s new LP sees Furtado and bandmate Patrick Harmon fashioning something truly unique, stuffing a grab bag full of influences ranging from Merle Haggard to Sonic Youth into a journey through moments both significant and insignificant in Furtado’s life.

However, new single Silver Ship focuses on parenthood. Furtado – who describes his parenting style at any given moment as “barely escaping disaster” – fondly discusses his fatherhood through the lens of learning to accept the way your life permanently changes when you have a child. Beneath tip-toeing beats and crooning vocals, “Silver Ship” mourns the isolation of parenthood, discussing loneliness and desperation and the jolting realization that even though parenthood never ends, it’s also something from which you will never stop learning and growing.

In other words: it has the power to keep you from stagnating.

SOURCE: Official Bio