Dixy Blood, the “hard floor” honky-tonk punk rock and roll wild bunch straight outa Philly, originally formed in the aftermath of performing a tribute show honoring Lux Interior of The Cramps.

The quartet, which is comprised of Clarence “Mick” Cancer, Rich “Snatch” Lustre, Betty Loo Gee, and Moe Jo, are all longtime vets of the area punk scene, having played with numerous groups, including Sickidz, Pink Slip Daddy, Bunnydrums and The Lotras, as well as various other aggregations.

The band plays a unique brand of hillbilly performance art fused with punk attitude and blazing brimstone. They’ve issued the album, “Songs of Love Lust and Loss”, an EP, “Baltimore”, as well as two singles on Platterhead Records, the latest of which, “Chikken Butt” b/w “Uranium Rock” has met with critical acclaim. A new LP, “Do Hillbilly Sheep Dreem of Dixy Blood” has been released digitally in May of 2020, with a physical release scheduled for later in the year.

SOURCE: Official Bio