Sylvette has released their new single titled ‘Kelpius’. Given a slight influence from bands such as Radiohead with the sophistication of creativity and originality, Sylvette gives that valid distinction of an original piece that captures the essence of #indie and gives you that feeling that you’ve found something special. Overlapping hooks and a gorgeous sonic landscape topped with lush vocals and musical variety, ‘Kepius’ is that future soundtrack to a memorable moment or dream.

About Sylvette & ‘Kelpius’

The band joined forces with New Order guitarist Phil Cunningham and fellow Bad Lieutenant bandmate and producer Jake Evans to produce their upcoming album. The origin of their name is a positively unique one, inspired by an enchanting muse frequently pictured in many of Picasso’s famous paintings. A friendship developed and hence the name Sylvette and the use of one of her paintings as the cover of their first album. Charlie Sinclair, lead singer/guitarist describes the single as a synth influenced post-punk epic that paints an otherworldly picture of worship and sacrifice using haunting melodies, electronic influences, and ritualistic rhythms.

The title of the track comes from the name of a cave in America that the first-ever doomsday cult hid in, as they awaited the end of the world. The video uses groundbreaking software Ebsynth, which turns the band into living versions of the paintings created specifically for the video. Philippos Rousiamanis (Violin and Keys), Peter Leaver (Drummer), Ashley Garrod (Bass) and Jack March (Guitar), complete the dynamic line-up.

All hailing from different musical backgrounds, each band member draws from unique influences to give Sylvette an identity completely its own. Think the raw, yearning melodies of Led Zeppelin and Jeff Buckley supported by the bold sounds of Bjork and Aphex Twin, all fused together by the disturbing poetry of Neutral Milk Hotel.

Their much anticipated second album “Stiller Than Still” will be released on (17th July).