1. Hate is a Special Feeling Electric Peace 4:23

If you’re looking for someone to tell you that the band in question is composed of notable former members of various bands, or how many jam sessions the drummer sat in on with rock stars who are now dead or disabled or retired, forget it. Unless the names like Purge Squad, Tinnitus, or the Terminal Tones ring any particular bells, where the people who make up this band called Electric Peace came from is irrelevant to who and where they are now.

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As to how the band came together, we’ll let lead singer Brian Kild tell the story. “Honey knew Rick, and I knew Rick, and Jim had played with Honey, and Rick had played with me, and I knew Jim, and Jim knew me, but Honey didn’t know that I knew the he knew Jim too, so what happened was….”

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If you still need more information, try this. Electric Peace is masterminded by Brian Kild. An CSUN graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Brian was living a split existence at the time his concept for Electric Peace began to fall together. By day, he was developing all sorts of automotive machinery that he’s not supposed to talk about. By night he moonlighted at Program studios in Hollywood as an recording engineer. Electric Peace recorded during down time in the middle of the night.

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SOURCE: Official Bio