94386-End_of_Empire_album_coverEnd of Empire is the musical vehicle for the English born Canadian resident singer songwriter Chris Bromage. After growing up playing in bands in the North of England and Japan Chris resumed his musical journey in 2015 with End of Empire’s eponymously titled debut album. The album featured his musical collaborators instrumentalist Paul Kitchen and drummer John McCreath.

The album was mastered by Michael White long time engineer at The Hit Factory NYC and here are his thoughts about the album: “There are very few records I work on these days that have something to say that is truly meaningful. This is one of them. I have always loved records that say something about the times we live in, political, sociological and personal. This CD is a throwback to the artists that used to stand for something meaningful and were never afraid to boldly lay it there.Cheers to Chris Bromage for making a great record that fully embodies the spirit of why I have been doing this for 30 years!Check it out…!!!!

End of Empire will be back in the studio in late spring 2016 to record their second album provisionaly entitled “All I’ve Got”.Chris lives in the Canadian desert but travels back to the UK regularly.

SOURCE: Official Bio