93071-beautiful_Lie“Diverse Music With A Hard Rock Edge” Eric Val is a Hard Rock solo artist from Williamsport PA, with influences from bands like Sevendust, Shinedown, Godsmack, Stone Sour and Seether. He has a classically trained voice that helps him propel his sound and style far above the rest. His writing style is as unique as his voice.

With the release of the debut album 3 Year Struggle August 31, 2012, the world got to see what Eric is all about. With 13 all original tracks, it will be available exclusively at ericvalmusic.com along with itunes.com, amazon.com, and cdbaby.com. The album will demonstrate his diversity, honesty and passion for his music. Along with the first two singles High Above You and Pull Me Under showing off his pop sensibility.

Then in September of 2013 he released the rock/pop single “Beauty Queen”. A mixture of heavy guitars, groove drumming and smooth vocals. Along with the latest single release “If You Only Knew” in July of 2014, a mixture of acoustic guitars, electric solos and fast paced drums. At this time he is currently working on a new single “Beautiful Lie” and then will begin work on his next album “My Gift, My Curse.”

“Working with Eric the past couple of years has shown me his passion to push his project through the business of rejection (a.k.a The Music Business), without ever losing sight of his freedom of expression. He clearly knows the difference between a demo and the persistence it takes to make a record. His attention to the details in his music empowers everyone who listens. The gifts are clearly on the table.” Joseph Hauserman, Producer, Drums, and Keyboards

“Eric Val is a pleasure to work with in the studio–he drops ego at the door; and carries in only his passionate dedication to the craft of singing and songwriting.” Richard Rupert, engineer, Green Valley Recording