A while ago we interviewed British trio Narrow Plains. Since then they have hopped the pond and toured America with one of the results being a stunningly eclectic piece known as “Choices”. Recorded by John Davenport, legendary engineer of such acts as Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon, & The Rolling Stones, “Choices” is a feelgood romp into power-folk with a keen sense of Americana acoustic history with a dash of power Brit-pop thrown in for good measure and it works magnificently. Check out the video below to get a little backstory on the recording as well as how the lads took in the North Carolina atmosphere.

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About Narrow Plains:
Narrow Plains have just won the Hard Rock Rising competition at The Hard Rock Café in London. They have also received international acclaim as winning finalists in the 2014 Canadian “Live In Your City” contest of Uprise.FM and were selected as Judges Pick 2014 by a prestigious panel of music experts in the USA-based Bands4Good online talent contest, winning a recording session with the legendary John Davenport in his North Carolina studio.

Narrow Plains are an acoustic-indie, trio based in London, consisting of Charlie Ferriday (guitar/vocals), Stuart Connick (drums/back-up vocals) and Roger Connick (bass/back-up vocals). They released their debut EP “Somewhere In Between” in 2012 and have recently released a double A single “So Rewind” and “Keep You Anyway”. They have performed at prestigious venues such as the 02 Academy Islington, 100 Club, Barfly and Cavern Club in Liverpool and an increasing number of festivals. They have also recently played gigs in USA.

They have signed an album deal with Smart Indie and are set to release their debut album in January 2016.