ScreamLite Records are proud to announce that, following the success of False Flags debut singles Onslaught, Hands Down and Rock For The Living, Rock For The Dead, we are adding another track from their repertoire; JUGGERNAUT. This will be the fourth single from the band, and it brings a new, more contemporary sound. After the departure of Dan, False Flags were pleased to announce that they had brought in a brilliant new singer, Marta Siatkowska. Marta has the rare gift of being able to able to find the emotion as well as the rock in a lyric, adding to the already blistering mix.

The new single will be released on FRIDAY 2nd AUGUST 2019 and has been preceded by another awesome lyric video from the talented Little Squishie, who has worked with the band before, providing the video for the brooding Shadow and Noise.

With the release of the new single, SCLR director Chris Bowen had this to say; “We’re really pleased to be bringing you the new False Flags single. The first three got a wonderful response and this track, with the addition of Marta Siatkowska on vocals, really brings a new edge to their sound.” The track will be available on all major digital stores and on Bandcamp.

SOURCE: Official Bio