1. Middle of the End Fleas 2:43

Fleas stormed through the Bury ST Edmunds music scene in 2020 before the Covid Pandemic. Most notably with the first ever unanimous win in the 21st annual BurySound Heat.

Now over a year since their enforced hiatus, Fleas are finally back with “The Middle of The End”. In this track, Fleas presents us with a more mature and refined sound in comparison to 2019’s “Dogs”.

Written and recorded from home “The Middle of The End”, is a song about toxic and abusive relationships. The twist however, is that it is told from the perspective of the abuser. Fleas has stuck to the alternative and abrasive sound that they are known for in this track but have refined both their songwriting and their production. Set to be released on the 8th of October.

Fleas are a 5 piece Alternative Punk band from the Bury St. Edmunds area in Suffolk.
All of the members met and became friends when studying music at West Suffolk College and started the band after a couple of the members covered Slaves’ “Where’s Your Car Debbie?” for a class task.

Sharing similar tastes in music, Fleas began toying around with ideas for songs landing on an aggressive yet versatile approach. The band is still young and still searching for their unique sound but with every new song they become more and more comfortable experimenting with the different sounds and ways of developing their music.

Fleas’ first public gig was opening for fellow local band Dingus Khan as part of a Washing Machine live music event. Since then, Fleas has continued to release increasingly impressive tracks with a range in styles and sounds.

SOURCE: Official Bio