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Forest Hills is a rock band from New York City. The band is named after Forest Hills, Queens. Forest Hills is comprised of two members: Zero Surico and Jack Burton. Jack plays drums, and Zero plays guitar, bass, piano, vocals, and all other instruments heard in the music. Zero and Jack met in Los Angeles, California, where they were both searching to form a band.


Zero Surico is the frontman and founder of Forest Hills. Zero is from Forest Hills, New York City, which is the location that inspired the band’s name. Zero began writing songs at age 12, and self-taught guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, and drums. By age 19 Zero had written over 1,000 songs, and he continues to compose more music today. With a Grunge and Alt-Rock background, Zero began producing songs that fit within the Alt and Grunge genres but eventually progressed into Gothic and Nu-Metal genres. At age 14, Zero spent two years collaborating with a Pop music producer in Los Angeles, where he learned how to produce and record music on a professional level. After finishing the collaboration, Zero remained a solo artist for three-years. Zero decided he wanted to share the writing process and creative experience with others, so he began searching for band members; eventually finding Jack.


Jack Burton is from Branson, Missouri. He is the drummer of Forest Hills. He began playing classical piano at age 6, eventually transitioning into jazz drumming. After playing drums for various Worship music teams and bands, at age 20 Jack was in Las Vegas playing punk and alt-rock shows. Jack spent two years in Vegas playing venues and made his way to Los Angeles, California, where he began the process of looking for musicians and business partners. After six years of searching, Jack met Zero. Jack and Zero spent eight-months after forming Forest Hills working on “Break Free”, their first album. After playing their first gig, which was at the Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles, Jack and Zero moved back to New York City, where Zero is from.

SOURCE: Official Bio