FOREVER CULT are an alternative rock band based in West Yorkshire, making a loud albeit impressive noise, blending the ball-bustingly brutal moments of 1990s Seattle grunge with the jaunty pop-minded lyrical charm of mid-00s British indie. After spending some time as a two piece, Kieran (guitar and lead vocals) and Aaron (drums), have been joined this summer by Alex (bass) to complete the line-up, and record and release their debut EP, “Fuxx”.

“It’s really hard – if you are trying – to write a great song around the two minute mark. Forever Cult, through a channelling of some energetic hybrid of Grunge and Indie, manage it twice, with ease, most likely because they weren’t really trying. That’s just how the songs arrive, and sometimes that can the most special thing of all. The EP is dominated by vital, bottled lightning like directness, full of youthful vigour and passion, only slightly expanded upon for closing track Luck. So yes, I am excited. Go listen, download, and go see live, it’s that simple.” Rhubarb Bomb

“Sinking is an energetic punk rock influenced tune with some fantastic rock and roll vocals that feature throughout. Graves has a slightly darker tune that has some brilliant driving, menacing riffs that loom over you. The more melodic Luck ends the EP on an impressive note while making you look forward to any future material from the band.” Impropaganda

“[Fuxx] shows off their effortless ability to fuse punk tendencies and melodic leanings with a mid-Atlantic drawl. Opening track ‘Sinking’ has elements of Engine 88 and the Wrens about it whilst remaining resolutely indie at the same time. ‘Graves’, however, has more of an Arctic Monkeys feel about it, with a lip curl sneer and a sense of the glamorous – despite the song title. Final track ‘Luck’ starts as a lament with swagger but soon becomes a chugging juggernaut of a love song that many a band would be glad to have on their albums.” Listen With Monger

Following a busy summer including an appearance at Leeds & Reading Festival, Forever Cult return with their new double A-side single ‘Yasmin’/’OceanOceanOcean’. It will be released via Clue Records (AllUsOnDrugs/NARCS) on Monday 3rd November 2014.

A limited run of 100 hand-printed CDs will be available alongside digital formats via Bandcamp, iTunes etc.