I am a determined woman when it comes down to what I want. I was sick of depending on other beatmakers and musicians treating me like a shortcoming, nuisance singer because I am type A. I took the reins and now it is better that ever because I am classically trained and hear entire symphonies that I can only write in my head. I use a ton of equal harmony (like ABBA) to emulate the orchestrations. I also rock with hired people virtually but that would not maser well.

I have been doing demos and laundering tracks through drobox from app to app making a darn good mix for what it is with just a phone and headphones. That is how I wrote until mu mixer broke. I have at least 10 good songs that are close to being finished. I even have some blues and use acoustic drum programs as well. I can write a tune (bass and vocals) that is catchy in a few minutes.

I write rhyming poetry so that comes last, after I figure the form and harmonies. Everything you hear is freestyle turned to lyric line part. Because my mixer broke, and I seem to have an ear for production, I purchased and entire modest studio with reason 11, stand up vocal booth. Top notch mic, a model 12, interface, truck driver blankets and staple guns to soundproof he room.

Acoustic shelling, two 27-inch monitors, an engineer workstation credenza, and even some drum mics if I have someone else was to come to record. I left no stone unturned. The best I could afford. I also look pleasing, have that star quality and the video for Mayans is almost out.

SOURCE: Official Bio