1. An Interview with Kris ‘Halo’ Pierce Jammerzine Exclusive 1:06:40

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with music producer/multi-instrumentalist/all-around-mega-talent Kris Pierce, a.k.a. DJ Halo.

As someone who literally resides on both sides of the fence in the music industry, and by that I mean the creative and business sides, this is a unique conversation into the realms of the business.

Kris has been successful as both an artist in his own right as well as founder and owner of Halo Eskew Entertainment.

And today we get to talk with him about these many endeavors as well as his latest albums (including the unique ‘Devil in a Black Dress’, review HERE). We get an inside glimpse of the business and how the current pandemic is affecting and how Kris is working around that and more. We also get to listen to the methods behind his music and collaborations as well as his humble beginnings.

About DJ Halo

Kris “Halo” Pierce (aka DJ Halo/Haunted Echo) is a multi-award winning, genre-crossing producer who has performed on America’s Got Talent (8 million viewers) with placements at DJ Times, EDM Nations, MTV, TopSpin Media, Interscope, Viacom Media Networks, Sony Creative, and VH1.

In 2015 he joined ranks with two-time Billboard Top 20 artist, Kim Cameron, releasing a dozen chart-topping originals and remixes. Sassy, classy, and forward-thinking (with just a dash of Kylie Minogue), they’ve been taking their show on the road, hitting hot locales like NYC, Miami, DC, Croatia, Amsterdam, Prague, and Ibiza.

twitter25@haloaskew [rotatingtweets screen_name=’haloaskew’]

He owns and operates Halo Askew Entertainment, a record label dedicated to eccentric electronic music curation, development, publication, and live production.

Recent Projects:

Based in NYC, he doubles as a sound engineer and audio technician for hundreds of large format shows, including theatrical production audio mixing (Julie Taymor’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”), radio (Whoopi Goldberg’s “Wake Up With Whoopi”), live bands (Cyndi Lauper, James Blunt, Tori Amos), keyboard support (NBC/Universal’s Grammy and Emmy award-winning “Jesus Christ Superstar Live” starring John Legend), and Broadway (Gettin The Band Back Together).