1. Alright! Getaways 2:56

Formed under the strange times of the COVID-19, Manchester Alt-Rock band Getaways,consisting of Mars(They/them) on vocals, Jack(he/him)on Guitar, Frank (he/him)on drums and Max (he/him)on bass are fresh faced and raring to go.Combining each members inspiration and taste in music, the band creates a varied set for pretty much everyone to enjoy. Paired with their laid back attitude and Frank’s weird ability to turn any random thought into a joke, and you may have just found yourn ext favourite band!

Performing their first gig over Facebook live for Birmingham and Soilhull Womens’ Aid, the band packed into Mars’ 8×10 foot student room with thebed pushed up against the wall for a set that had been practiced in the confinement of the same room,as all of the studios were closed due to the pandemic. This lead to “Before we could Getaway”, the band’s youtube series of songs from the set, showcasing how even in an odd environment, they can still put on a mad show – we can just ignore the noise complaint letters. Once everything started opening up, they jumped straight in, with their debut gig at Zeros Bar, and even their first day festival -Below the Bridge-at Zombie Shack on 31st July.

SOURCE: Official Bio