Ghost in the Machine has returned! The U.S. band creates Rocktronica – their high-energy expression of blending various genres with a Pop sensibility. Alternative in nature, one can hear influences from Industrial, Rock, Electronica, Hip Hop and more. Known for weaving polished crafted songs with thundering grooves, heavy guitars and lush electronics; they delve deeply into lyrical concepts reaching the boundaries of love and hate, oppression and enlightenment and the social experience. A typical reaction to hearing GITM music – it sounds like it’s from a movie.

Ghost in the Machine has a new offering that is familiar yet different, subtle yet strong and mysterious yet exoteric. Released on October 31, 2019, Supernatural is an intense sensual musical experience, defying categorization but captivating lyrically with a bewitching tale of passion and love ending in a dilemma.

The duo of C4 and Face, both former members of the late-‘80s metal band Hangman, formed GITM in 1995. Wanting to create music that fused elements of different musical styles, the band name Ghost in the Machine was chosen, symbolizing the band’s music — created in, and coming from, a seemingly lifeless and emotionless computer brought to life by the music. It is that music that is the ghost in the machine. The Ghost in the Machine EP, released in 1998, introduced GITM to the world.

Acclaim for the band has grown steadily over the years. One year after the release of the Ghost in the Machine EP, the band released its first full-length album, The Haunting Begins, pushing GITM into prominence in charts at sites such as the former, former, and Next came The Repo Session in 2005, followed by The One Within in 2006, winning Best Industrial Album at the 2009 JPF Music Awards. The Compulsive EP was released in 2007 and then in 2009, the Sharp Dressed Man EP followed. For the next 5 years, GITM was on hiatus chasing song ideas and allowing creativity to be re-invigorated. Then in 2014, GITM released Broken from Binary, a 15-song whirlwind adventure in Rocktronica fine-tuned by years of evolution. Broken from Binary has garnered Best Alternative Album and 4 Best Song nominations for the 2019 JPF Music Awards. In 2016, GITM released the single Unstoppable.

Songs from these ground-breaking albums have weaved their way into 21st Century world culture, heard on TV shows on almost every major cable channel, in feature movies and indie films, on commercials, and in video games, mobile apps, and other modern media. A few standout mentions – network TV shows including “Mistresses (ABC),” “Madam Secretary (CBS),” “Arrow (CW),” “Miss USA (NBC),” and “Raising Hope (FOX),” and feature movies and indie films such as “The Marine 4: Moving Target,” “H2O Extreme,” “Frakenhood,” “Ace of Hearts,” and “Shred.” In addition, major corporations, from Gymkhana Grid to Optima Batteries to Red Bull to The Daily Burn fitness program have licensed GITM songs for commercial use. Many of these songs have also placed in numerous international songwriting competitions.

SOURCE: Official Bio