1. Human Giant Sky 3:54

Forming in 2019, Giant Sky had to quickly evolve their methods of creation as they’ve spent most of their time apart due to lockdown. However, a common love of Jimmy Eat World, Pixies, Biffy Clyro and Tegan and Sarah would bring them together and influence their creative style. Even with these old school inspirations, ‘Human’ can be compared to the likes of Wolf Alice, Cranberries and Soccer Mommy.

Comprised of Jon Hatch on bass and Toby Mcfee on drums (who grew up next door to each other in Wiltshire), the band also boasts Jay Amesbury on guitar (from Leicester) and Olivia Bond on vocals (who grew up in Cambridge, New Zealand). While most of the band are based in London, Jay who “lives in deepest, darkest Somerset”, provides the exception.

When that wailing guitar accompanied by unmistakable vocals hit your ears, the best thing to do is sit back and allow those alt-rock sounds to take control. Giant Sky guide the listener through deeply personal lyrics with outbursts of vibrant drum solos and a bass that gently comforts the soul. Filled with pain, anger and a profound sense of relatable heartbreak, the band hold nothing back with their latest single, ‘Human’.

Speaking of ‘Human’, Giant Sky tells us: “Our fourth single is inspired by the LGBTQ community, the hate and mistrust they face every day, and how they keep fighting regardless of it. We hope one day the community will be accepted by everyone.”

SOURCE: Official Bio