Art Mulcahy has released his new video for the track titled ‘Together We Survive’. We need a song like this at this time in our future history. What will people say about this time we live in now. This time of division and isolation? Art uses his music to chronical and hopefully heal that issue we have at the moment. And he does it with his original style and orchestration. This is a song for everyone.

About Art Mulcahy

Mulcahy, a former Marine, originally wrote the song about the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting. “I just felt so helpless and heartbroken watching the shooting happen on TV [at the Las Vegas Jason Aldean concert]…I wasn’t there to protect people”, Art reflects.

“When it came time to make the video for “Together We Survive”, I wanted to honor my brothers I served within the military. They were like family to me” Art says, looking into the distance. The opening scene of the video revisits Art’s time in the military and the loss of life he experienced around him. Art says, “with this song [“Together We Survive”], I just want the world to pull together when times get difficult and realize we’re all one big family, and way stronger together”.

“I feel really blessed to have such an awesome team to work with. My producer, TheRealJonSmith, and record label Native South Records brought in a pool of talented people to work on the album and music video. Grammy Award Winning bassist Victor Broden played bass on the album, along with TheRealJonSmith on drums, and Jake Parshall on guitar. Victor, Jonathan, and friend Topher Sean are featured in the video. Also, Christian Siebert and OJ Aguilar of Eisley Creative Co. directed the video. The music video was co-produced by TheRealJonSmith, production assistant Ieva Georges, and Executive Produced by AJ Shutte.”