The members of Goliad have been playing music with one another for over 20 years in one band or another. The music is the brainchild of James Pallone (the primary writer, singer, and guitarist), and Jeff Bedair (drums, vocals).

Hailing from the Beaumont area of Southeast Texas, there is a uniqueness to their music that shirks the overall vibe of the region which tends to produce blues-rock or sludge-punk outfits in droves.

Goliad’s music can be described as progressive, rock, or hyper-literate punk, but the songs and the live performances tend to appeal to wide range of listeners from musicians with trained ears who love the time changes and dense harmonies to folks who just want to rock as they scream along with the pop-heavy, catchy, tunes and choruses.

Goliad is one of the best bands to ever come out of the Southeast Texas region and have a polished sound one may more reasonably expect to hear from a large metropolitan area.

SOURCE: Official Bio