Hawk and the Wild is a singer/songwriter whose real name is Jimmy Wiltfalk. As soon as he picked up an instrument the interest for writing music emerged but the indie-folk has only been in focus for the last couple of years. The debut album Extrication Songs was released 2016 with a release tour in Sweden. Jimmy wrote all music and lyrics while also recording most of it in his own home studio. He also plays most live gigs alone as a one-man band but he is sometimes accompanied by fellow musicians.

While not playing music or scribbling on a new song he is riding some kind of board or speaking for human rights. A commitment he drew attention too with the antiracist social media charity project and single “The dream is still alive” that was released as music videos on youtube and also for streaming on Spotify/iTunes. The song has been in first place on the Swedish independent chart and the music video have had great success in Germany, France, and England.

Now other musicians and producers have taken interest in his music resulting in new fresh remixes. First the EDM mixing skills from ELOW, an 18 year old wizkid from South-Africa. Then also the country remix of the song Colour by Swedish drummer and producer Marko Vaunuveräjä.

SOURCE: Official Bio