By combining dance rhythms with the soulfulness of an experienced heart, Dezi Leon has married genres with her latest project titled ‘The Room I Stand In’. Catchy hooks within a dance track are becoming borderline cliche as artists blindly follow the trends but I don’t hear that in Dezi’s music. I hear a hyper-hook tinged melding of soul, hip-hop, pop, and even a little rock fused with the root dance beat done in such a way as to keep any listener interested realizing that each not is thought out yet improvisationally set.

'The Room I Stand In' cover.
‘The Room I Stand In’ cover.

About Dezi Leon
Dezi has hit the scene yet again with her latest project, The Room I Stand In, a 7 track EP written and produced by Dezi Leon. With her new EP, Dezi hopes to gain the respect that she has longed for as a songwriter and a producer. In a male-dominated industry, Dezi spent years trying to make her voice heard, seeking validation from people that now seek hers until she realized something-let the MUSIC speak for itself. Dezi seems to get better with each release, improving on her LYRICISM, vocal ability, and overall presentation. That’s what you call grind and the true definition of an Artist.

SOURCE: Official Bio