Formed in 2015, Hour of Anguish is the duo of Andreas Henriksson & RL Potts. Joining forces after leaving their projects Somber (Suicide Records) and December’s Shadow (Blue Pie Records) Hour of Anguish has a guiding vision of intensity blended in brilliant, brutal, and beautiful soundscapes of transcendence.

Hour of Anguish released “Solace of Sorrow” in 2016 to critical indie underground acclaim, and cemented their status as torchbearers for the New Gothenburg sound -but both knew they could do more to define a unique style that both paid homage to their hometown but also evolved the tried and true Gothenburg Style.

Standing tall on the shoulders of the giants that inspired them – bands like Soilwork, In Flames, Lamb of God, Slipknot & Dark Tranquility – Hour of Anguish looks to push beyond the horizon set by these metal masters, define, and pioneer the New Wave of Swedish Melodic Metal.

The release of “Into the Empty” is their first step in that journey. This 9-song album is a genre-bending amalgamation of force, ferocity, balance, and beauty. “Into the Empty” is one-part existentialism and one-part unbridled aggression. Think beauty and the beast – the album is written to be unrelenting, compelling, melodic metal for the masses.

Hour of Anguish wants to give listeners a little of what they know but a tremendous amount of what they would never expect. We are excited to have you on this journey with us!

SOURCE: Official Bio