1. Fading Out How I Became A Wave 2:37

How I Became A Wave is the solo project of Pat Carey, formerly vocalist and songwriter with Cork based band The Hard Ground, who garnered a national following and critical acclaim with the release of two albums in 2012 and 2015. Since stepping away from The Hard Ground, Carey has been heavily involved in various elements of the Irish Music scene, including with Right Here Right Now Festival and Cork Opera House.

The upcoming How I Became A Wave album features multiple collaborations between some of Ireland’s finest musicians, composers and songwriters including Cormac McCarthy, Clare Sands, David Murphy, Maria Ryan, Brian Casey, Aoife Burke, Matthew Berrill, Davie Ryan, Hugh Dillon and more. Each song on the album is coloured by the unique conversations taking place between the artists, writing, recording and creating in isolation from each other. The overall collaboration showcases the wealth and diversity of musical talent in the country and the richness of musical expression that exists across genres.

SOURCE: Official Bio