Born Courtney Mark Anthony Stewart, in Roaring River, St Thomas, Jamaica, he started on his musical journey in the mid 1980’s, toasting on Studio 4 Sound System in his home town. After migrating to Kingston I-Maa-Ra began his recording carreer.

The legendary Channel 1 Recording Studio was where he recorded his first single. Produced by Horace Tapper the song ‘Iron Bar” was recorded on the Top Rick record label, owned by Horace Tapper. I-Maa-Ra recorded a few singles under the name” Senator Gary”, among them, “They are Dangerous” done on the Beacon record label. Characterized with the ability to “degenerate to regenerate” he changed his name to ‘I-Mara’, meaning “Solid and Firm’. This dynamic performing artiste is now called I-Maa-Ra, meaning “I see the Light”.

In 1992 I-Maa-Ra was awarded a scholarship to attend The Cultural Training Centre, now called the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. At the then School of Music, he studied- Caribbean Latin American Jazz, specializing in Vocal and Ear Training.

I-Maa-Ra worked on Jamaica’s North Coast in the hotel circuit for a while after which he linked up with the Group Abbasani managed by Milton Boothe owner of Roots Rock Muzik. He became the group’s lead vocalist. Under the name I-Mara he released albums:- Let I Go :- Life’s Journey, :-Don’t Take it Personal. He also released several singles to include, Cramp & Paralyse the Heathen: – Babylon Ba Bye: – Caan Cope, he also did several music videos.

SOURCE: Official Bio


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