1. Go On Jared Mancuso 3:28

Jared Mancuso is a Phoenix, AZ-based artist and purveyor of the next wave of alternative rock. Originally from Bucks County, PA, Mancuso developed musical prowess on multiple instruments and honed his songwriting skills in college, where he met his first creative partner Jared Bardugone. Together the two formed Strike of The Heart and later The Jared Project, which released and nationally toured 2 full length albums that blended the pop punk and folk stylings of the latter Jared with the bluesy riff-rock inspirations of the former.

Jared Mancuso’s solo ventures began in 2013 with his first album, A Very Pleasant Person. Over the years he has circled in on his true sound: a mix of gritty blues and garage rock drawing from such inspiration as Weezer, The Black Keys, Jack White, and the Beach Boys. His sophomore effort Superdope, entirely played and recorded by Mancuso himself, was released in 2016 to great acclaim, and garnered him an invite to the Launch Music Conference in Lancaster, PA 2 years in a row. His 2018 work, Hype! was met with major acclaim, and was awarded the number two slot for The Ark of Music’s Top 10 Albums of 2018. His newest single Go On is a throwback to the late ’90s/early ’00s pop-punk style, in the vain of Weezer, Blink 182, and Everclear. Between the several projects Jared has been working on as of late, he’s taken to focusing on singles and EP’s for the time being, but knows a new full length album isn’t far off.

SOURCE: Official Bio