jayrockwellddJay Rockwell is a recording artist/Writer from Chicago, IL. He’s been recording, writing music, performing and promoting music of all genres for over 10 years now. Jay Rockwell performs thru out the U.S. and abroad… After creating a huge fan base in Chicago, Jay Rockwell(member of Chi-Town rap duo Well Connected) relocated to Los Angeles to further his career in music, promotions and marketing… While in LA He took a Music Business and Accusition cousre at UCLA University and immediately began networking.

Jay Rockwell joined a well known LA based non-profit organization called A.I.M. for artist founded by The late TUPAC SHAKUR and His manager LEELA STIENBURG and Her partner CHERYL RICH. This became a big source of Jay Rockwell’s exposure to the LA music scene, notable alliences and opportunities and show bookings.

Jay Rockwell joined a promotions street team in LA to learn the in’s and out’s of the LA entertainment scene and quickly began traveling to massive venues, concerts and festivals all over the world, Performing, Promoting and Selling his music. Jay’s latest cd titled “Amount to Nothin'” (now available on iTUNES, CDBABY and AMAZONMP3) features songs like “Streets”, For the hood Cats, “New Friend” for the Ladies and the title track “Amount to Nothin'” for everybody.

It’s a catchy hood banga that Jay Rockwell classically flows on the songs chorus: “People always said I’d Amount To Nothin’ Now I’m sittin’ on things having somethin”. Track produced by Chicago producer PlukeBeats. Jay Rockwell’s new cd titled “Yesterday” is set for release soon..
With a large and still growing fan base, Jay packs the venues and sales lots of artist merchandise when He or Chicago rap group Well Connected (Jay and X) performs at a show.

Jay Rockwell has played shows thru-out the United States and abroad (CapeTown, South Africa, Central America, Belize, South Asia, Sri Lanka, Vancouver, Canada).

Jay Rockwell is a very creative, ambitious and determined Artist that believes in the power of Good Music, Good Marketing, Good People, And the magic that takes place when the three come together.