JD Kucharik, (koo-CHAR-reck), has worked as a musician, songwriter and producer for decades. When you usually read bio’s they are always filled with accomplishments and embellishments that often read like a cheap resume. Hey, if the artist had any real degree of success then none of this would be necessary -right? Well here are the real facts:

I have been writing, playing and recording for a long, long time. I started as a kid in the late 60’s with drums and moved to guitar and Hammond organ, playing in a variety of bands whenever the right situation presented itself. I can still remember recording when 2-Track stereo was “state-of-the-art”. When multi-track recording became affordable to the average working person I scrimped and saved to buy gear so I could write and record anytime a new song came swimming into my head. Being able to play different instruments allowed me to record at anytime day or night. Of course there were many late late nights.

Writing and recording was always a blast. Being able to “hear” a new song in your head and then be able to develop it into a finished piece was always very cool. When you do this for so many years you eventually end up with a rather large catalog of music (some songs of course much better than others and some were simply erased).

Anyway, this Anthology Vol.1, includes a variety of slected tracks from the past and also has some new tracks just recorded this year. BLACK & WHITE, I CRY THE BLUES and MESSAGE TO YOU are the newest tunes on this album.

SOURCE: Official Bio