Jez Bonham has recorded a raw folk autobiography disguised as a passionate alternative/singer-songwriter record. His debut EP combines slow progressive acoustic/electric guitar with almost hidden powerful tempo and musical changeups. His lyrics and sound march you forward from summertime bliss to painful relationships to a tortured mind. Jez got his start performing at The Giggle Dam: a dinner music theatre/cover band show. His most recent shows include Trees Organic Cafe, The Alibi Room, and The Charlatan in Vancouver, BC. An obsessive music lover, Jez’s influences range from Bob Dylan, The Tragically Hip and The Smashing Pumpkins to Pink Floyd, Tool and Led Zeppelin to Sublime, The Pixies, and 2Pac.

Growing up in the snowcapped mountains of Revelstoke, Canada, Jez was subconsciously indoctrinated by music playing in his childhood. His country-folk singer/songwriter father was always playing guitar or playing his massive Dylan collection. His grandfather sang Italian opera every Sunday at the family dinners right before the family ate themselves into a coma. By 19, Jez couldn’t help but follow in their footsteps, finally writing the mess in his head into “Thoughts into Sounds.”

SOURCE: Official Bio