Blood Child release their new single titled ‘Confident Silence’ today (August 16, 2019). This track is an absolute juggernaut of a freight train of a track with a beat that doesn’t let up and a driving guitar buzz that leaves me in awe as a musician. ‘Confident Silent’ is a pleasantly loud track with the confidence of an experienced band.

About Blood Child
Blood Child class themselves as “Punk poets” and they certainly don’t hold back, no punches pulled. The band features brothers Emil Bertelsen and Mads Bertelsen, plus Hjalte Ross, Marikka Katrina Hoejen Jørgensen and Lasse Dybdahl Krüger.

Their sound consists of equal parts of raw beauty and brutal intensity and will leave you blissfully heart torn. They say they are “A high-power bruising experience, yet at the same time soaking you in black velvety sounds.”

Denmark’s Blood Child takes their inspiration from a combination of the late 70s New York/London Punk scene and 90s Alt-Rock but are constantly adding a highly captivating and hard-to pinpoint personal component.

In the past few years, the band has made appearances at the highly acclaimed SPOT Festival, RECession Festival and Sorte Firkant Festival in Aarhus and Copenhagen, also at Sørveiv Festival in Norway. They’ve played many venues around Denmark and most recently a mini-tour with The Entrepreneurs.