1. Red Flag White Flag (feat. Taurée) John Van Ness 3:17

John Van Ness’ musical journey started in 1990 when decided to learn how to play guitar during his Freshman year in college. He developed his chops as a guitarist and song writer during his formidable years as a co-founding member of the band VAN NESS (with brother Joshua) during the mid 90”s through 2002.

When VAN NESS disbanded in 2002, John stepped away from live performances to focus on writing and producing. In 2011. he created My Own little World Records. The motivation for starrting MOLWR was to keep diveristy, quality and integrity alive in today’s music. He would later return to the stage playing guitar and keys with MOR (Men of Rock – gigging band created by brother Joshua Van Ness).

As a recording engineer, producer, writer and musician, John has many credits to his name, including production on Joshua Van Ness’ albums Soul Rock, DNA, Discovering the Universe and The Someday Sessions. John also cowrote, produced and performed on Taurée’s albums Descent and Just Me.

SOURCE: Official Bio