Frame 42 has today released their new album titled ‘Undercroft’. Taking that Midwestern flare for the harder edge rock (believe me, I’m from Indiana) and taking it to the next level by carefully crafting each track with its own personality traits, all under the signature sound that is the 42, Frame 42 give us the perfect match of classic rock, slight (sometimes) country and powerful (always) harmonies, and massive guitar driven hooks that shudder the speakers and dust off the air guitar with a reinvigoration muchly need for this decade.

About Frame 42

Frame 42 is an original rock band from Lapeer, Michigan. The band is made up of two strong female lead vocalists and four talented musicians. Each member of Frame 42 has brought to the band their own individual musical taste and influence, the combination of which has produced something that has been called unique and powerful.

Their music style has evolved from many genres but is based on a foundation in classic rock. The raw energy of their music evokes a sense of strength and empowerment reminiscent of the classic rock genre. Their sound is characterized by the hard rock tones of the guitars, combined with the rhythmically charged bass and the unique beat of the drums. Frame 42 respects the classic artistry of the past but makes their music relevant today by creating a unique sound defined by complex harmonies both musically and vocally, dynamic arrangements and strong dual-female lead vocals.

This group has been playing together for about four years and has an authentic bond which comes across in their music and performance. Each of their original songs is a result of their group synergy and creativity, which results in music that draws the listener in and commands their attention.

When asked, the band members say the most frequent comments they receive is about their musicianship, stating that they play tighter than bands many years their senior, and their strong dual lead vocals, which have been likened to the sounds of Heart and Fleetwood Mac. It has been said that their sound brings back that feeling of real music that is not artificially created.

Their live performance exhibits a true love of music and an energy that brings the audience along for the ride. Before capturing their sound in the studio, this group had developed a reputation for a captivating and energetic live show that left the audience always wanting more.