Kaige is a 30 year old singer songwriter from South Africa who started to compose music under a new stage name “Kaige Evans” from February 2014. His rasp vocal style has been described as similar to Eddie Veder from Pearl Jam and Scott Stapp from Creed although his inspiration derives from Gavin Rossdale (Bush) & Scooter Ward (Cold).

Kaige currently composes and records his music unaccompanied while exploring the music industry for opportunities to collaborate with other artists. Kaige has self-released three singles since February 2014 to define his style as a singer songwriter & continues to work on new music on a regular basis.

Kaige has performed live as a guitarist & vocalist for a band in his early years after school but continued to focus & develop his career in the corporate software industry. He is currently still employed in the same industry where he uses his free time to write and compose his music from his home studio.